A Visit With Roy Ngering

(As posted on Roy Ngering’s blog on May 5, 2016)


Hi Roy… haven’t posted here awhile. The previous last one was about the foul- and smash-mouth teen pal of yours; I was then critical of your soft-soaping him instead of dealing out straight-up advice as older chum or brother would and should. Worse luck for Amos Yee, he hadn’t learnt any lesson from his past self-induced tribulation. Soon, his luck will run out if he keeps pushing the envelope with his current religiously provocative bravados verging on blasphemy. But I digress here.

Reverting to my initial thoughts/reaction to your Orwellian-inspired piece dated May 2, 2016 (The Foxes’ Animal Farm, 2016) let me commend you for it, for at least trying your hand at allegorization. Substance-wise, it’s readable though somewhat longish. Syntax-wise, it can do better; here are some among others of what spellcheck had failed to spot or had mistakenly autocorrected: spurned not ‘spurred’; contented not ‘contended’; vie not ‘vy’; the sly and wily not ‘willy’ — FYI on the last item, the former concerns upper gray matter as opposed to lower genital matter of the latter, a yawning difference. 🙂

The blogoshpere is 21st century’s great equalizer for the otherwise voiceless. But I think you can do more than just prating away on your CPF pet peeves. If you ask me, you should assume the mantle of Siew Kum Hong, to continue championing the repeal of the 377A anti-gay statute — but that will be a tough row to hoe in culturally conservative Singapore. It may take another 10, 20 or 30 years for that to come about, but come it will, someday. And you, better than Kum Hong or anyone, are in a unique position to bring that to fruition. Imagine, what legacy that would be for you to have left behind.


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