A Sept. Visit With Prime Minister Lee: Auguries Of Uncertain Times Ahead

First off as an aside, congrats to Northlights’ decennial celebration; official support for vocational training/preparation as a viable alternative route to success in life should be better publicized.

In early August I posted here the following: “Latest polls presage a sizable defeat of Trump in November. But another bloodcurdling homegrown terrorist attack between now and election day could very well turn it into a coup de grace for Clinton instead; let’s pray not.”

What a difference a couple weeks made in American politics; the race is now too close to call. What with her health issue, and with the latest terror attacks, the odds are not in her favor. IMHO, Americans in November will take a gamble on a celebrity devil they know less well than the devil they know too well to be concealing too many secrets.

PM Lee, please stay healthy, the next four years will be very challenging economically for the world and our nation. Regardless of who wins, TPP will be stalled in Congress ad infinitum. China’s annual miracle growth of 6-7 % will peter out eventually — and inevitably — succumbing to the universal laws of economics; no recession in a continuous spell of over 35 boom years? — the Chinese have already outdone themselves. Separately, the tentacles of ISIS will not be rooted out that easily even after its head is decapitated sooner or later; local intelligence gathering will be key to keeping Singapore safe.

Finally, a word on the plight of those hapless Syrian refugees. Out of purely humanitarian reason, Singapore should consider doing what little she can to alleviate the sea of human suffering in war-ravaged Syria. Even just taking in a token hundred carefully vetted displaced families out of the millions of refugees there, and provide a lucky few safe haven here, would go a long way to project our nation’s image. Singapore is surely cosmopolitan enough, politically strong and stable enough to afford doing so. But are we generous and compassionate enough to do so?

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