Posted Chatters On Kirsten Han’s Blog Re PAP’s Take On Multi-Party System

1/24/17 Pingtjin Thum: “A regrettable and shocking ignorance of Singapore’s history. We WERE a multi-party democracy in 1965. In 1963 General Election, the PAP won 37 seats and 46.9% of the vote; the Barisan Sosialis won 13 seats and 33.2% of the vote; and the United People’s Party won 1 seat and 8.4% of the vote. Between 1966-67, arrests, detentions, and resignations steadily reduced the opposition presence in Parliament, leading to the first PAP sweep of Parliament in the 1968 elec

“Imagine, if we have a multi-party system back in 1965, will we have come so far so quickly?”

SINGAPORE — Should the political landscape here evolve into one with more than one dominant political party, it could mean a lot more “jostling on the…

1/25/17 Lester Kok wrote (as posted on Kirsten Han’s Facebook wall):

Just a couple brief points. Contrary to the saying hindsight is the only exact science, we could not rightly know what the nation’s political fate would be without Operation Cold Store and with say Lim Chin Siong governing, who by the way inspired such respect among his foes that S. Rajaratnam personally came by to pay tribute at his funeral in Serangoon Gardens in ‘96; in his heyday, his simple living was a living reproach to the comfortable lifestyles of his political adversaries. But would an LCS government be as nimble and adaptable? — is anybody’s guess. He released a public statement in ’69 apparently not under duress, claiming that he had “completely lost confidence in the international communist movement”, and that “communism is not as ideal as what we think it is”; and with that, packing in his political career for good.

LHL made a pertinent point though in the above article: that in a tiny red dot there are only limited precious properties to be had. The WP’s handling of the AHPET muddle doesn’t quite inspire confidence in the quality of political outliers; indeed, the main locomotive has sucked up most of the oxygen.

However, all dynastic engines will run out of steam someday even the cream-of-the-crop ones like Confucius’ Zhou dynasty that survived some 800 years! But if arrogance and denial of shifting zeitgeist start to congeal at the top — like the recent POHA browbeating and the Terrex  stumbling — they venture on at their own peril.

Footnote: If I’m hazarding a guess, Dr. CSJ will at long last come in from the cold before he turns 60 provided he continues to package himself right.


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