On Donald Trump As A ‘Misogynistic Kleptocrat’

January 31 at 12:19am

Kirsten Han facebooked:

I’m signal-boosting this for all the Brits who are friends with me, or might be following me on Facebook.

In 2012 I was given a Chevening Scholarship by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office to do my Masters in Cardiff, Wales. After that I lived for a short time in Scotland. My wedding was in Scotland, and I consider it my second home because it’s where my in-laws are.

In all that time I was privileged to meet lovely people, and made to feel welcome and included in the country. The government, particularly now-PM Theresa May’s Home Office, was a different story, but my daily experience in the United Kingdom was more than enough to assure me that the austerity-led, anti-immigration streak of the Tory government did *not* define the country.

I still believe this, Brexit or not. I still believe in the wonderful Brits I met and befriended, the kind, prone-to-exaggeration Welsh and the stubborn bastard Scots. The British people I know are not people who agree with bigotry, hate, prejudice and discrimination. The British people I know are not people who will pander to a self-centred, misogynistic kleptocrat who willingly hands power over to white supremacists. (They are far more likely to want to tell him to “get tae fuck”, although many might be far too polite to actually go through with it.)

As the leader of these people, the British government should not be palling around with Donald Trump. He can visit the UK if he wants as the head of state of the US, but he doesn’t deserve the honour of a state visit.

Donald Trump should be allowed to enter the UK in his capacity as head of the US Government, but he should not be invited to make an official State Visit because it…
Kirsten Han

Kirsten Han They are debating this in Parliament now. You can watch live: http://www.parliamentlive.tv/…/ddcce99d-64d8-42b0-b5ea…

House of Commons
Lester Kok replied:
Kirsten, I’ve issue with your branding Trump a ‘misogynist-kleptocrat’. The first part of the hyphenated description perhaps — even that per se is much arguable — but a kleptocrat?… as in a pleonectic, pelf-plundering politico? That gratuitous characterization is hyperbolic at best and at worst verging upon adynaton.
I would counsel a bit of patience with respect to the Trump Admin — we barely witness the shank of it. At the end of Obama’s tenure, the unemployment rate stood at an admirable 4.7% which by American standard is deemed full employment. But under Obama’s leadership, there were, by some accounts (see link below), 3 dozen homegrown terror attacks of note as opposed to only 5 under Bush, albeit 9/11 was the worst ever.
I shall check back with you in 4 years to assess his performance with respect to jobs and on the incidence of terrorism at home — two top staples of his presidential campaign pledges — and grade him accordingly then.

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