On ‘Popping The Cherry’ Etymology: A Very, Very Naughty, Sexy Wordplay

2/3/2017 (from Kirsten Han’s Fb page)
Support Project X so they can keep doing the amazing work they do with sex workers in Singapore.
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2/3/2017  Lester Kok to Kirsten Han:  On ‘Popping The Cherry’ etymology…
First, I have to come clean on my ignorance of what Project X is or does prior to the present occasion. As one into epeolatry, naturally, I was grabbed by the above 3-word catchy catchphrase. Research indicates the use of cherry as a vulvar metaphor dates as far back as to the 16th/17th century, with its then cheeky reference to the female genitalia. By the 19th/20th century, this fruitily erotic metaphor had seen its nominal term expanded into a transitive-verb phrase as in ‘pop the cherry’ which is simply a euphemism for defloration, namely, a consequent breaking of a virgin’s hymen by way of maiden vaginal sex.

As regards the aptness of this vivid catchphrase/slogan for Project X — an NGO advocacy for the disenfranchised, voiceless sex workers of an indispensable industry — I suppose the jury is out on that. Evidently, this tantalizing 3-word logo entails a double-edged conundrum. In one sense, these graphic words conjure up a not too subtle invitation to fornication abetted by the juxtaposition of a suggestively raunchy icon colorfully depicting a temptingly lush and receptive, glossily rouged set of genital-resembling labia agape with a deliciously-looking cherry popping out from within. Meanwhile, this promo is just too cute by half with its overtly suggestive but misleading, anticipatory offer of virgins on tap ready for deflowering action — of course, any such implied pristine offer of virginal service has never been a part of the stock-in-trade or calling card of the world’s most ancient profession. In a word then, this tellingly titillating logo justly belongs to the realm of fake ads:-) 


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