On ‘Popping The Cherry’ Etymology: A Naughty, Sexy Wordplay

2/3/2017  Kirsten Han  (from Kirsten Han’s Facebook)
Support Project X so they can keep doing the amazing work they do with sex workers in Singapore.
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2/3/2017  Lester Kok to Kirsten Han:  On ‘Popping The Cherry’ etymology…
First I have to come clean by admitting my ignorance of what Project X is or does until just now. As one into epeolatry, naturally I was grabbed by the above 3-word catchy catchphrase. Research indicates the use of ‘cherry’ as an anatomically related sexual reference dated as far back as to the 16th-17th century, with its unmistakable allusion to the female genitalia. By the 19th/20th century, the sexy fruity connotation had seen its term expanded for use in a transitive-verb phrase as in “pop the cherry” which is simply a euphemism for defloration.

As to the aptness of this catchphrase/slogan of Project X — an NGO advocate for the voiceless workers in the sex industry — I think the verdict is still out on that. Evidently, it’s a double-entendre, lusciously and vividly appealing in one sense for sure, while too cute by half, being risque if not ribald, rife with deflowering implication which by the way is not exactly a calling card or stock in trade of the oldest profession in the world:-) 


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