Is Amos Yee A Milo Yiannopoulos Wannabe — The Parallels Are Striking

[ Featured below was my post response to Melissa Chen’s feeble attempt at distancing Amos from Milo. Countering with numerous parallels between them, I argued that Amos’ scandalous remarks on paedophilia just like Milo’s own admission of his intimate involvement with the same, would come back to haunt them epically. ]

Feb. 3, 2017,  Melissa Chen facebooked the following:

Milo Yiannopoulos‘s views couldn’t be more different than Amos Yee‘s; one is a religious conservative who vehemently opposes the modern conception of social justice, while the other is an atheist leftist who embraces the rhetoric of SJWs.

Both have become martyrs of free speech, prevented from utilizing their freedom of expression to publicize their views by diametrically-opposed ends of the political spectrum: the right for the Leftist Amos, and the left for the Rightist Milo.

Those who disagreed with and felt offended by Milo’s controversial views could’ve, quite simply, not attended the lecture, but instead, the protest fomented by radical students on the UC Berkeley campus descended into a night of violence and property destruction that only grew Milo’s followers and catapulted his name, story and views in the national limelight and beyond.

Those who disagreed with and felt offended by Amos’s provocative views, could’ve, quite simply, not watched his YouTube videos but instead, the 16-year old was arrested by the Singapore police and charged for the crime of causing offense that only served to grow his Youtube audience and propel his name, story and views in the national limelight and beyond.

The government is not the sole enemy of free speech – the people, as demonstrably true in both of these cases, also can be (Amos Yee was not only jailed but also was assaulted in public, Richard Spencer-style). The issue of free speech should no longer be viewed via the right vs. left spectrum, but rather, authoritarian vs. libertarian.

There’s only one way to ensure that you continue to enjoy the basic human right of the freedom of conscience, regardless of the shift in cultural norms or circumstantial contexts: stand up against those who curtail free speech, whether or not you agree with their views.


Feb. 5, 2017  Lester Kok to Melissa Chen:

Melissa, I find your above comparison and contrast of Amos and Milo to be dissembling and disingenuous. Your facile attempt at lionizing Amos and differentiating him from the vile conduct of Milo is both misleading and misguided. Let me venture here to argue Amos is a Milo wannabe. Indeed, they are prospective mirror images of one another, the junior one (Amos) being the chrysalis of the imago.

Item: they are on the same page WRT paedophilia. Inspect for yourself this 2016 video link below and see how twee Milo was in this tête-à-tête with Joe Rogan, bragging and relishing his (Milo’s) teleiophilia i.e., his earlier teen indulgence in paraphilic perversion with older men (at 4:25), and not least his participation of the same in group orgy involving pedophiles (at 5:50). He is anything but a religious conservative that you erroneously labeled him to be.

                                                                                                                                                  Juxtapose the above with this linked article on Amos’ approving take on paedophilia. 

On this score,  Amos and Milo are cut from the same cloth; they both countenance paedophilia.

                                                                                                                                                            Item: they both resorted to faking information to serve their sinister ends; Amos lied about Vincent Law having molested him and Milo faked screenshots of Leslie Jones (actress of Ghostbusters fame) to make it look like Jones was saying highly offensive stuff. They are both quintessential Internet trolls.

Item: they both got socked right across their puss by vigilantes for their outrages… with a big difference: the dude who smacked Amos on the cheek was subsequently arrested and sentenced by the authority at home, thus ensuring Amos’ future personal safety whereas Milo’s attacker was allowed to get away with impunity; so in terms of future personal safety, the same cannot be said for Milo in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Quelle surprise!

Item: they both did it just for the lulz, for their own self-serving, publicity-hungering notoriety — flaming their Internet targets just for the lulz all in the name of free speech. As for Amos, I’m quite certain if allowed to flourish in America, he would eventually one-up Milo; what else is there for him to do for an enhanced iteration of blasphemy of the Quran in simulated copulation than an actual fapping and/or penetration of it on YouTube for all to see under the banner of free expression.

Item: both of their Twitter accounts are now suspended and likely be banned for good for reasons one can reasonably surmise.

Item: they both are aliens seeking the blessings of the First Amendment; though one is more likely than the other to be deported in the end.

Finally, you wrote: ‘Both have become martyrs of free speech, prevented from utilizing their freedom of expression to publicize their views by diametrically-opposed ends of the political spectrum: the right for the Leftist Amos, and the left for the Rightist Milo.’

Your unjustifiably generous appellation for them as free-speech ‘martyrs’ is unfortunate. In the first place they are both alive and kicking, so in the traditional sense of the word they cannot be martyrs. But more to the point, here’s a NY Magazine timely article that argues squarely against that appellation of yours for Milo.

As for Amos, he would doubtless be rendered a dead martyr by now, of which I am quite certain, had the Singapore authority done nothing but left him to his own devices in profaning the sensibilities of 1.6 billion dead serious members of a religious faith.

As an aside, I remember last year (2016) watching you pooh-pooh Singapore’s founder Lee Kuan Yew on Dave Rubin’s show, dissing LKY’s point about the cultural differences between Western and Eastern societies in dealing with issues over individual rights to freedom of expression. Indeed, whence Amos hails, the like of a trolling Milo or a blasphemous Amos will not see the light of day for commonsensical reason.

In the final analysis though, it is Amos’ unbelievably, blunderingly silly asylum gambit that will go down as the biggest cringeworthy snafu of his life — a pratfall he had talked and walked himself into with the agency of his cheerful gang of clueless aiders and abettors who simply weren’t able to shoot straight. I’m nothing loath to reprise what I  opined here before: I’m buggered if he is not deported in the end.

[ A news item update — as of late April 2017, both Milo and Amos have suffered ignominious personal misfortune: Milo has been ostracized by the media at large after seeing his six-figure-dollar book deal canceled in late Feb. as well as his being fired from his job as senior editor of Breitbart News, while Amos remains incarcerated with no end in sight (already 8 months and counting), with gossips about him under suicide watch. ]
Feb. 7, 2017, Melissa Chen’s FB timeline…
Michael O'Shea
Michael O’Shea I’ll just point out that re: pedophilia, it happened *to* Milo. 
About the attempts to lionise Amos, i agree with you.
Melissa is right to do her best for a fellow countryman in whose plight she recognises her own but i agree with you that he’s no winner.

Feb. 7  Lester Kok replied to Michael: You wrote, ‘Melissa is right to do her best for a fellow countryman in whose plight she recognises her own…’ ; and for emphasis: ‘in whose plight she recognizes her own’.

Michael, unfortunately you are wrong on that count; she had lost my respect for her re her present Machiavellian attitude towards the boy and here’s why …

For a fuller context, here’s a recapture of the Jan. 30th exchange between Melissa and myself on her Fb page:


Lester Kok  Is Melissa Chen a true believer in free speech as she purports herself to be a free speech absolutist in her own words… I plead with you to let free speech reign on your site and restore the 2 posts of mine you deleted.

Like · Reply · Yesterday at 9:26am

Lester Kok BTW, I posted the 2 deleted thread Melissa deleted on Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s Facebook page.

Like · Reply · Yesterday at 9:29am

Barry NT Onn Lester Kok up till today, I have yet to meet a true believer of free speech. Everyone, purported free speech liberals including, censor things they don’t like. There is no such thing as “freedom of speech”. Only “freedom of *my* speech”.

Like · Reply · Yesterday at 9:37am

Melissa Chen Lester you can post on relevant posts on Amos Yee. This has nothing to do with him so bugger off and share it on the relevant threads. Sorry you are not entitled to do as you please here. This is not a “free speech” issue

Like · Reply · 7 · Yesterday at 11:20am · Edited

Melissa Chen This is a post about Trump and Jews and the Holocuast

Like · Reply · Yesterday at 11:19am

Lester Kok Then I shall await patiently yr Amos update, dear.

Like · Reply · Yesterday at 1:22pm · Edited

Melissa Chen It’s in the news and if there’s any updates it’ll be on Amos’s own public page – you can post your thoughts there!

Like · Reply · Yesterday at 11:21am

Melissa Chen Here’s the link:

Amos Yee

Public Figure

Like · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 11:22am

Lester Kok Melissa Chen I’ve made it a point never again to post on his blog since he is a total hypocrite on ‘freedom of speech’, deleting posts he deemed unsavory to his read; his blog does not deserve my time and input. I am waiting for yr turn to update yr readers on yr next move.

Like · Reply · Yesterday at 12:40pm · Edited

Melissa Chen Oh I’ll be updating on his own page with his own words and I won’t be moderating it so your comments will stand, don’t worry

Like · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 11:32am

Melissa Chen I’m just not going to be posting about Amos here because I don’t want one-issue folks like yourselves who are obsessed with Amos’s case only badgering me about his case. It’s totally out of my hands and I am not in any way dealing with it now

Like · Reply · 4 · Yesterday at 11:32am

Lester Kok Shocking, …’totally out of my hands’… if you could not stand the heat you shouldn’t have gotten in the kitchen; it’s someone’s life you are messing around with — let me quote you… I’ll shoulder the blame if things don’t work out!

Like · Reply · Yesterday at 11:36am

Melissa Chen As in I am not involved in it. I’m not sure how I can be of assistance other than making a connection, introducing Amos to his lawyer. I am no lawyer, I’m not sure what else you want me to do.

Like · Reply · 5 · Yesterday at 11:37am · Edited

Melissa Chen Messing around with lol? He wanted to come, so he needed an intro to people who could help and I have contacts so I made it. That’s all. I have no direct involvement with this. He has a host (he made his arrangements himself), he needed a lawyer (I helped with my organization). That’s done. If all you care about is Amos’s case just follow it via the news and his public page like everyone else.

Like · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 11:39am

Melissa Chen If I need to make an announcement to help him spread news (and I only do so as a friend), I will. You can comment on those posts but they will be very infrequent.

Like · Reply · Yesterday at 11:40am · Edited

Lester Kok Unless I read you incorrectly, I don’t believe you can in good conscience sleep well until a final resolution to his fate.

Like · Reply · Yesterday at 11:44am

Melissa Chen Oh I’m sleeping very well please don’t worry. The kid wanted to come and I connected him with people who can make his asylum case happened. I only did what my org does at scale.


The platform that’s crowdsourcing human rights and opening closed societies.


Like · Reply · 3 · Yesterday at 11:45am

Lester Kok Pls don’t leave him in the lurch, he needs you more than ever.

Like · Reply · Yesterday at 11:47am

Melissa Chen Lester, it’s all up to his lawyer and the judge now! We have to let the legal process take its course. I can’t do anything to change it!

Like · Reply · 2 · Yesterday at 11:52am

Lester Kok Has it crossed yr mind that this kid may be mentally unstable?…that he may need all the emotional support he can find lest he self-implode. You are the ‘big-sister’ to him now, willy-nilly.

Like · Reply · Yesterday at 11:56am · Edited

Melissa Chen Of course it has. It’s too expensive for him to call out now so that is not an option until he’s released.

Like · Reply · Yesterday at 11:57am

Lester Kok How are you going to explain all these to his dear mother?

Like · Reply · Yesterday at 12:00pm

Melissa Chen That we don’t have the financial luxury of him calling out from jail? It’s dollars and cents. She gets it. I’m not sure what else needs explanation. She knew Amos was coming to the US even before I did so there’s no explanation needed. She’s also 100% supportive of him and his bid.

Like · Reply · Yesterday at 12:01pm

Melissa Chen  Also this is not a Q&A session so I’m out of this convo. Have other things to do

Like · Reply · 4 · Yesterday at 12:02pm

Yz Soo Obsessed stalkers.

Like · Reply · 3 · Yesterday at 1:28pm

Jacob Wayne Prather Melissa Chen This is the most absurd, creepy, stalker, fanboy shit I have read in a long while. I would block this absurdity.

Like · Reply · 3 · Yesterday at 2:44pm

Jeffrey Gargano I’m happy to hear that you’re finally getting some sleep, Melissa.. I sympathized with your insomnia. 🙂

Like · Reply · 19 hrs


So Michael, have you wondered then just how much does it cost telephonically to keep his spirits up while he rots in jail waiting for his chimerical moment in court? — $5, $10 a week? … which could easily be credited to his inmate commissary account for him to call out if she truly recognized his plight as her own. After all, his current crowdfunding has about $3K to his name. Perhaps such arrangement is too much to ask of his keeper now that she has decided to abandon ship … you tell me.

In a Jan. 3 post here I cautioned: ‘I trust when it is all said and done, he would treat you with better respect than he did with Vincent Law.’ Mark my words, the way things are now shaking out between them, there’s little doubt he will ‘pay’ her back in spades.


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