A Follow-Up Frank Exchange About ‘Are You A Racist Test’ Posted On YouTube

In my younger cynical days, I would naturally begrudge the Professor his ingenious masterminding the world’s most comely publicity-eager stunt on the Internet (in hopes of selling more books of course:-) effected by the agency of an exotic cast of cameo characters incorporating even the tenderest of the unweaned.
Allow me here though to be serious for a moment to pose this sober question: for those ‘unprejudiced’ viewers i.e., being fully unconscious of any background intro to the video at all, who initially came to the subconscious assumption that she was the ‘foreign domestic maid/babysitter’ — a dutifully diligent one no less, clambering on all fours just to do right by her master — are these viewers (I was one of them, had to come clean) deserving to be labeled ‘ethnic chauvinist’ or worse, ‘racist’, guilty of the sins of racial stereotyping??? (Did you pass the test? … let’s be honest now.)

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loveismyname 1

loveismyname 12 hours ago responded:

Lester Kok Imagine if a white woman had been the one to rush in there….would you have thought the same (that she must be the nanny)? Or would you have pondered the chance that the white women could have been the mother? The children looking Asian was what made me think she could be the mom. I think your only fault is that you didn’t assess the situation well enough to reach to the conclusion that she was the nanny. You assumed…you rushed to conclusion and you made yourself look like an ass. It happens to the best of us. You lived…you learned and you’ll now not rush to conclusion of the relationship of another.
Thanks for yr input but I’m not sure how honest are your comments and observations.
1. ‘The children looking Asian’, come on, one of them is four, the other just 9 month-old which makes it well nigh impossible to conclusively tell their ethnicity apart unless one examines them physically up-close in person. Was that what you did instinctually (checking out their ethnicity as a matter of course) rather than savoring the hilarity of the video as it rolls?
2. The prof looks to be in his mid 40s and the woman in her 20s, but that did not give you pause to think of them as a couple; moreover to me, her uncharacteristically klutzy, panicky scrambling away to salvage the situation smacks of a paid caregiver that had just dropped the ball; apparently not to you.
3. Lest you come across as sanctimonious being the exception here, yes, I agree, it be only human to have all too not infrequently ‘rushed to conclusion’ and made assumption about real-life situations. Yes, we all live and learn, and just like Cent (check out the link) fr TYT, we are honest enough about our ‘natural mistakes’. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgqk5dskqqI
Again, thanks for taking the trouble to offer yr 2 cents.


AGF fans

AGF fans3 hours ago (edited) Highlighted reply

I think the misunderstanding is not only about her being Asian, but how she handled the situation and seemed to panic, which add to the fun and makes you think that she must be the nanny…. because a Northern European mother would most surely just have walked in and picked up her children in a casual looking way, as if it was no big problem … so i think it’s a cultural thing … his wife seem desperate because she do not want him to lose face, while a Northern European wife would just find the situation to be all together funny herself.

Lester Kok

All for good guy, you’re real bad … not just are you 100% guilty of the above but worse, a regionalist supremacist you are to boot 🙂 Mothers across the other side of the pond are now seething over yr bias and prejudice … having implied (thru yr omission in mention) American moms are just as servile and complaisant to a fault on all fours much as their Asian counterparts in pleasing their men in the house/office as exemplified by the above vid. Herp derp, who says there isn’t inherent differences in East-West cultural values, norms and perceptions.
AGF fans
AGF fans 41 minutes ago (edited) Highlighted reply
I’m not from America but from Scandinavia where we have equal rights between men and women for real …no native born Scandinavian wife would ever act like an Asian or American woman in this situation … and this is exactly my point … she act as she does because of her Asian culture … it’s as simple as that … and to a Scandinavian it makes her look like a servant, though in reality she is doing it to save him from losing face according to her Asian culture … there is nothing racist about it, just a cultural difference that makes people see her behavior from a diffrent point of view, which you apparently are not able to grasp… …

Lester Kok

Lester Kok1 second ago

Me ‘not able to grasp’? 🙂 sure, now we’re really getting lost in translation.

AGF fans
Irony if that is what it is ?, is most often lost on paper .. and even more often lost in translation….

Lester KokLester Kok1 second ago

Touché, I couldn’t have said it better myself, all for good guy.

Eman Puedama 12 hours ago posted:
I don’t think your purple prose really flows, but you seem to have the right idea- i.e. that this was a stunt. Not sure if it was just to sell books. I think the immediate reason was probably to generate the guilt-tripping sub-text of making people feel ‘wacist’ for assuming she was the nanny..
Why anyone would want to do that, I’m not entirely sure, but I find it interesting that Professor Kelly is a consultant for WikiStrat- a company which, going by their clients and what they say about themselves, I imagine has some expertise in simulating scenarios for strategic purposes.


Lester Kok 1 minute ago replied:

Thank you for yr ‘colorful’ feedback … by Jiminy, why pick ‘purple’ to throw shade at, when there could be 50 other shades of gray to quibble about 🙂 — I trust I haven’t guilt-tripped you into resorting to sesquipedalian verbiage yourself, e.g., ‘exceedingly differential’, that jaw-breaking 8-syllable mouthful of yours:-) could be substituted with a different modest choice of diction of say just 4 syllables instead that I can easily advise there … the English language is one of infinite expansion; let me know if you are keen on talking rhetorics but I have digressed enough here for the nonce so let’s return to the main theme of my post at hand.

If you read between the lines of my post carefully, there are 3 main points it attempts to highlight:

1) It’s only human that we make ‘natural’ but inchoate impression/assumption in our daily encounter based on the ‘color’ of our life experiences, i.e., subconsciously or otherwise our observations are informed by our inherent biases and inclinations as conditioned by our individual culture and upbringing.

2. Subconscious stereotyping is not a sin for the simple fact that ethnic and cultural stereotypes do exist everywhere; stereotyping sb is not equal to being a racist and conversely, it is not discrimination if one felt he/she has been stereotyped by sb. Those who initially thought she is the nanny would very likely form the majority of the viewers.

3. There are distinct, inveterate customs and conventions peculiar to different cultures … in this case it may be dubbed the East-West difference in spousal-parental obligation/obsequiousness — a Western wife/mother would most unlikely to go on all fours to remedy the situation. You are not incorrect in opining that ‘the way she acted seemed more consistent with her being a nanny than her being his wife’, based on yr Western cultural perspective.

4. I would be remiss here if I did not quickly correct any ensuing misperception stemming from my post that I had suspected the vid to be some pre-staged stunt at gleaning publicity; no it isn’t, not in the least. Here’s a link for any doubting Thomas out there that would definitively give the lie to any such unwarranted misgiving.


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