A Nail In The Coffin For Amos’ Asylum Bid

Another of Amos’ tragic errors, could this be the final nail in his asylum-bid coffin?
In late Feb I posted an article coining the term ‘amosization’ to describe the initially incoherent, mind-blowing blunders of Amos and gang in their asylum maneuver, verily shooting himself/themselves in the foot from the word go. [ https://lester978.wordpress.com/2017/02/27/the-coinage-of-amosization-in-amos-yees-honor/ ] But this amosization phenomenon appears to keep on snowballing without stint.
The latest: during Amos’ March 7 asylum hearing before Judge Samuel Cole, witnesses were arrayed to testify for Amos; reportedly it went on for as long as 7 hours. It was conducted in closed-door session with witnesses operating incognito except one. Amos’ pro bono attorney, Ms. Sandra Grossman in all her infinite wisdom, decided after all to subsequently tweet about the hearing, as well as to let her only picture taken with the one fellow-Singaporean witness, Mr. Kenneth Jeyaretnam; she released it on her Tweeter feed obviously for publicity, thus defeating the whole purpose of going incognito behind closed doors. The presiding judge who naturally follows the news, had to tumble to the fact that the purported fear of political reprisal at home must be grossly exaggerated for a dissident witness’s meme to be so exposed and circulated on the Net.
Alas, Amos and company have ‘amosized’ themselves yet again, but this time delivering perhaps the coup de grâce to his pivotal but lost opportunity.
An afterthought: Amos will no doubt rue the day of his past arrogance and conceit in his previous remorseless badmouthing of fellow dissident like Dr. Chee Soon Juan and what have you; Dr. Chee would no doubt be preferred as a compelling court witness to lesser mortal like Mr. Kenneth Jeyaretnam.

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