The 5 Stages of Grief of Amos Yee

 The 5 Grief Stages of Amos Yee: presently he’s working through his third.

On March 20, TISG (The Independent SG) published online a transcript of Amos’ clarion call to his make-believe fan base at home for help. It was a mournful appeal he made in a long-distance phone call to his fellow compatriot Ms. Han Hui Hui — the Joan of Arc wannabe of Singapore (by my reckoning) — to summon the cavalry at home to saddle up and ride to his rescue.

Quoting him verbatim: ‘Do as many public protests and many reports. I will give you any reports that any reporter want. You need to pressurise him (the Judge) so that I can get out of jail earlier.’ End quote.

Indeed, out of desperation he issued his ultimate bargain: mobilize all the allied troopers at home to write and protest in my behalf and I shall make myself fully available for interview at their pleasure. The only problem with the deal he was trying to strike is that there just aren’t any allied troopers out there at his beck and call; they exist only as figments of his imagination. Surely, someone has to remind Amos he is currently bogged down in his third stage of grieving.

Unbeknownst to Amos himself, his grieving actually started in mid Dec. last year — no sooner had he set foot in America at O’hare International Airport than he was put behind bars. These are the classic five progressive stages of grieving Amos is going through: denial/anger/bargain/depression/acceptance.

Stage 1: denial — from day one he did his damnedest to deny his new-found jailhouse reality like effusing about how ‘sumptuous’ jailhouse meals were, about how he had ‘not felt a single bored moment’ in jail.

Stage 2: anger — soon afterwards though, realizing he was not going anywhere he began cussing (via his posts) at the tardiness and ineptitude of Immigration officials as well as at prison pastor; his swearing at an imam during a jailhouse Quran group study landed him in the solitary hole for 2 weeks. (Read his Jan. 22 and 30 Facebook posts, and also this link )

Stage 3: bargain — which is what he’s now attempting to finagle in his fertile but futile imagination, striking make-believe bargain with phantom troopers out there to set him free.

Stage 4: depression — when the eventual tsunami of doldrums hits, it would be advisable to keep him on a 24-hour vigil.

Stage 5: acceptance — it would be a long time coming indeed (perhaps years from now) before Amos could fully reconcile himself to the havoc he had wreaked on himself and family, and to a lesser extent, his country’s reputation.


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