The Day President Trump Becomes A Global Leader

(As posted on PM Lee’s Facebook wall…)

What do Assad and Amos have in common?

Answer: An alacrity to do really dumb things!

The President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, earlier in the week ordered the use of globally banned chemical weapon, i.e., the murderous nerve agent Sarin, against civilians in his war-torn country. And in the process killing children and babies, scenes that are flashed across TV screens around the world. Any sane person would ask just what Assad was thinking or perhaps not thinking at all (much like Amos).

With all the high-tech spy radar and satellite tracking systems operating in the region, he must have lost his marbles to even think he could pull off this latest genocide and get away with it. His days in office are numbered — for how long will depend on President Trump’s follow-up initiative on Syria. But hats off to the POTUS’s order of Tomahawk missile strikes today at targets of the Assad Syrian regime, a move that should have been executed 4/5 years ago when President Obama drew that notorious 2012 red line on Assad against chemical weapons use, but failed miserably to deliver on it — he was just too gentlemanly of a statesman to answer to the previous call, to put it mildly.

Ending here on a somewhat related note … in one of my Sept. posts last year on your wall, I floated the idea of Singapore helping out in what small ways she can to help ease the sea of hapless displaced Syrian refugee families. Allow me to re-post the link here.


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