Conduct Unbecoming Of A Young Couple In Little Red Dot: Assault On A 76-Year-Old Man In Table Rage

Conduct Unbecoming Of A Young Couple In Little Red Dot…

Reports of road rage incidents in Singapore are not that uncommon these days. But this vid of a well-attired working young couple displaying table rage at a public food-center in Toa Payoh last Friday (April 21st) takes my breath away in the worst way for all the wrong reasons.

According to an eyewitness account (Janice Lim’s), the young woman in the vid flew into a rage spewing F-word profanities at a senior citizen who was only checking with her on the possibility of table-sharing. What is clearly captured in the vid was the subsequent surprise physical assault by her male partner on the benign elderly man — the man in question abruptly surfaced to make a sneak attack at the old man from the rear, delivering such a hefty shove on the elderly man’s back that nearly bowled him over.

While the evidence in the video and from eyewitnesses is clearly damning to the incredibly boorish young couple, it’s important that for balance the couple’s version of what happened needs be heard. Hence, they should come forward forthwith to either account for what happened or had better personally apologize to the senior citizen they assaulted.

Indeed, this incident conjures up memory of recent video episodes of similar hissy fits by adults misbehaving shamefully in public — referring to two separate incidents (in Feb. and in early Apr.) of outrageous temper tantrums exhibited by two grown-ups respectively at Tiong Bahru Plaza. But thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones and the Internet, such uncivilized, over-the-top behavior are readily exposed and held accountable to either the authority and/or the court of public opinion of deserved shame.


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