An Open Letter To Amos Yee’s Mother — Crunch Time For Mother Mary Toh

Here’s a timely, sincere appeal to the mother of Amos to act judiciously to help avert her son’s current plight from being transmogrified into a full-blown tragedy before her eyes.
Dear Madam, in your capacity as Amos’ mother, I am addressing this letter to you with the sincerest of intentions in hopes that you’ll do what’s right by your son, to save him from further descent into the depths of despondency and turmoil. The time is now for dispensing decisive motherly counsel to your son to embrace the unwelcome, cold hard facts staring him in the eyes — this would mean convincing him to abandon his misbegotten asylum dream forthwith and return home, and indeed, it wouldn’t be a moment too soon.
But why should you take me seriously since you may be aware that I’m his fiercest critic on the Net having critically profiled the Amos saga of shenanigans in depth on my blog? I shall answer that in a moment. But first, if you are oblivious to what I blog of your son, here’s a sample of a censorious article for your read: The Trinity of Fallacies as provided in the link here…
Judge me then on the merits of my arguments/criticisms — and not by virtue of my being anti-Amos in the things he espoused and did. FYI, thus far every significant prediction and analysis I made of his asylum debacle, have come to fruition … from DHS’s (Depart. of Homeland Security) inevitable appeal to his current likely battle with jailhouse depression.
And now for the reason why you should take me seriously … it’s because I firmly believe in justice and basic fairness, and Amos is getting neither since the day he landed in the U.S. Yes, I am a strident critic of his profane attempts at foisting his puerile antics on members of the public at large, all misleadingly under the guise of free speech. Nevertheless, his presently unwarranted, continued incarceration is unconscionable and cries out for justice. Recently, on the website of Amos’ attorney Ms. Grossman, here’s what I posted, decrying the absence of due process and the injustice of arbitrary incarceration inflicted on your son and those other similarly situated fellow asylees — check out the attached link.
Notwithstanding that cruel reality, I rate his odds of eventually prevailing in his asylum quest to be slim to none as explained in a previous article featured in the following link:
The mistakes Amos has committed in his young life particularly in the last 2 years are legion but that’s a subject for another time. The only purpose of my this letter is to enjoin you to come to your motherly senses and in so doing convince your son to cut his losses and come home. It is a moment of grave portent for a mother — a timely decision that you might live to rejoice or a mother’s indecision that you would live to rue. I trust you will make the right call in the cold, calm light of day.
Lester Kok
April 28, 2017
[ Addendum: here’s a note update for Mary Toh following her son’s release from detention in late Sept. 2017 — ]
(The following exchange appeared on Kirsten Han’s Facebook wall, April 12, 2017)


April 14, 2017 Richard Tan to Lester Kok: I don’t quite understand your letter [to his lawyer Ms. Grossman]. Can you summarize it in simple English in one sentence please?

April 24, 2017 Lester Kok to Richard Tan: I just caught your above post, so let me here try encapsulate it in one sentence as you requested — He who shames his Country in order to purchase a little temporary self-indulgent Refuge, deserves neither Refuge nor public Sympathy. 

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