A Private Conversation With Amos Yee, Part 2: Life’s Bitter Lessons

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A Private Conversation With Amos Yee, Part 2: Life’s Bitter Lessons

A Sequel To A Surreal Private Conversation With Amos…

[ Featured below is Part 2 of a dream soliloquy involving Amos and myself; we could see each other up-close and he could listen to what I said but not in reverse. So here’s how this unilateral converse unfolded … a link is furnished here to the previous Part 1 conversation: https://lester978.wordpress.com/2017/04/03/a-surreal-private-conversation-with-amos-yee/ ]

Amos, me again, another night visit with you in your cell. I hope you’re holding up not too shabbily considering the somber news of DHS’s appeal against you. Remember the previous late-night Conversation on April 3rd? … I explained to you then the certainty of the counter appeal by DHS and also touched on the complex landscape of the entire appeal processes. I see you’re nodding … didn’t I tell you how involved the asylum process is, and unfortunately as in your case, you’ve turned your asylum into a political football from the start. The point of my this visit is to speak to this political football you’ve mischievously created with far-reaching consequences; I shall also talk about your important plan and action ahead.

But first, good for you, you got a jailhouse visit from Adam in late April. Sadly, he’s possibly your only hard-core cohort left. How you wish he was here with your mentor Melissa visiting with you in this Wisconsin cowtown of less than 3 thousand out in America’s middle of nowhere … but too bad, she has her excuse of being too occupied with her other activist stuff. The truth is she’d bitten off more than she could chew on your asylum matter and gotten cold feet since mid-January; I called her out on that … blogged about it in an article called The Trinity of Fallacies if you got a chance to read it someday. https://lester978.wordpress.com/2017/03/02/the-trinity-of-fallacies-an-anatomy-of-the-amos-yee-asylum-debacle/ I understand your mom has difficulty messaging her these days. But really, it’s hard to imagine how you all misfired so terribly from the very beginning — she especially, your U.S. free-speech guru — being so casual, sloppy and naïve about the whole asylum matter … everyone involved seemed to take it so much for granted, like it was a just walk in the park. How your mom must be beating herself up for prompting you to go on such a wild adventure. No doubt you were blinded by Melissa’s foxy charm; she did one heck of a job enticing you with her sweet talk of free-for-all in the promised land of unlimited speech entitlements. Worse luck as it turned out … you surely did not bargain on this endless jail bit coupled with all the asylum hoops ahead you now need to jump through; only God knows how long it will all take. Now, concerning this political football I referenced a moment ago…

Why do I call it a political football of your creation? … it’s because of the twisted and shameless manner you went about seeking your U.S. resettlement, politicizing it to suit yourself — just look how your asylum stunt has backfired on you; it is morphing into a nightmare. Recently, an Internet poster asked for a simple one-liner to sum up my thoughts about your asylum hoo-ha, and here’s what I said: ‘He who shames his Country in order to purchase a little temporary self-indulgent Refuge, deserves neither Refuge nor public Sympathy.’

That’s right, you were shameless about putting down your country in order to pander to your egotistic appetite for notoriety. Are you aware lately, every year in the good ole U.S.A. there’re on average 4 to 5 thousand Americans who gave up their U.S. citizenship for various reasons and emigrate without making a big deal of it? People around the world regularly moved in and out all the time. But you, you just have to malign your country and fabricate stories about being persecuted to gain cheap sympathy for your selfish cause. And in case you wonder why I’m such a persistent critic of you and Melissa — like a dog with a bone — over your asylum stunt, let me give it to you straight here unfiltered: I for one will do my level best to expose you for what you are, a shameless publicity-seeking tinhorn troll pretending otherwise to be some political dissident in danger of or in fear for his life. To those few supporters of yours out there defending your right to a new life in America, let me just say more power to you all. I for one fully respect your wish to emigrate — feel free to part ways with your country if you truly ain’t happy as a citizen, like what some of your pals did recently. Your buddies Mr. Roy Ngerng and Ms. Han Hui Hui have recently resettled abroad; one in Taiwan, and the other in Europe possibly in Norway. But they went through the usual emigrating process without tearing their country down. You however, you were just too big-headed and smug by half, resorting to shortcut to your self-centered ambition. Instead of applying to emigrate the normal way through standard consular protocol, you tried jump the queue and sneak in through the front door and when they sussed out your hidden agenda at O’hare International Airport in Dec. last year, you then tried the back door by stooping low to spinning yarns of official persecution and mistreatment and all that jazz about your right to free speech being violated by your government. Are you ever grateful for one moment that your gov. may have made safe your home and family by putting a stop to your schmegegge in profaning the religion of 1.6 billion faithful? — you know how sacred they treat their Prophet and the holy book, very much more so than others. Had you carried on with your profaning and insulting as you pleased on the Net, your residence flat could well be fire-bombed as a payback for your video outrages you so recklessly unleashed on their sacred icons — hello! does the name Charlie Hebdo ring a bell with you?

Amos, if you think the 6-week sentence you got for your blasphemous antics in 2016 was harsh persecution, you had better think again. Just a day ago, the former governor of Jakarta, Indonesia, popularly known as Ahok, a Christian, is sentenced to 2 long years in prison merely for apparently misquoting the Quran during his recent re-election campaign. And Vivian Lee the Malaysian who together with her sex mate Alvin Tan, made an insensitive ‘pork’ posting in 2013 on their joint Facebook account teasing the Muslims about breaking fast during the period of Ramadan, she got 6 months in the slammer just for that misplaced humor. [ http://english.astroawani.com/malaysia-news/alvin-tans-former-girlfriend-jailed-insulting-islam-106535 ] Count your blessings then for being born in Singapore! If anything, if you remember, I’ve argued that your 6-week 2016 sentence punishment which you served only about 30 days, was way too short for your own good — I posted about that in 2016 on your Fb page following the court’s sentencing which you quickly deleted on site and blocked me since along with scores of other critical fellow posters whom you had likewise cut out with total indifference… it reinforced my perception of you there and then of being nothing but a blathering, forked-tongued, phony speech-right hypocrite. [ https://lester978.wordpress.com/2016/10/04/a-post-amos-yee-deleted-on-his-facebook-sept-30-2016-after-sentencing/ ] As well, it’s time you quit altogether pretending there is such a God-given thing as absolute speech entitlement in that part of the world you’re from like the way you desire it in America; but above all, stop pretending you were a victim of egregious persecution and ill-treatment, for crying out loud. If I have to second-guess your real motivation in escaping in a hurry to America, it would be your not-so-secret desire to weasel your way out of your upcoming Army National Service since you turn 18. Well, good luck to that — just last month, Singapore’s Appeals Court upped the sentence of a longtime NS defaulter; 43-year-old Mr. Ang Lee Thye saw his jail sentence lengthened from 24 to 33 months. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/high-court-raises-jail-terms-of-3-national-service-defaulters-in-8791676

So what’s the bottom line here in terms of your best course of action: because I hate to see you being badly shafted by the U.S. Immigration system like so many thousands of other asylees incarcerated behind bars, I’ve posted an open letter to your mom pleading with her to urge you cut your losses and return home for the sake of sanity. [ https://lester978.wordpress.com/2017/04/28/20170428an-open-letter-to-amos-yees-mother-crunch-time-for-mother-mary-toh/ ] And on top of that, I also sent your kindly lawyer Ms. Grossman an open letter, beseeching her to be upfront with you about your realistic options. [ https://lester978.wordpress.com/2017/04/13/an-open-letter-to-amos-attorney-sandra-grossman-does-amos-deserve-the-special-treatment/ ] I did that for your sanity’s sake. You are welcome.

But I understand hope springs eternal within you — you would like to hope against hope, to wait at least for the outcome of the current DHS appeal against you, which will easily take another 3 months to conclude, contrary to what your lawyer said about it being fast-tracked for review. Well, you wait and see if I’m wrong on my earlier analysis and prediction of its outcome that this ‘stage-2’ ruling review by the Dept. of Justice is all but a foregone conclusion against Judge cole’s favorable ruling for you. [ https://lester978.wordpress.com/2017/04/06/3-reasons-why-judge-coles-ruling-of-asylum-for-amos-yee-will-be-overturned/ ] After that if you want to then take it to the next stage of challenge, it’ll be the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals and that tertiary process may yet take another full year or so. Consider carefully then, what I said about cutting your losses; really, it ain’t such a crummy recommendation at all.

A final note here before I go: I notice your facial expression has been totally glum and lugubrious throughout my this visit. Understandably, this isn’t a lecture you like to hear of course, but there you have it from me, like it or not. I also predicted and wrote about your coming severe depression which you bruited about your Facebook page just recently — I’m referring to the chatter on your Facebook regarding your suicide vigil. [ https://lester978.wordpress.com/2017/03/24/the-5-stages-of-grief-of-amos-yee/ ]

Well, you have cried wolf before so don’t expect everyone to buy it this time. However, in this instance, I believe you’re really in depressive pain and not faking it; trust your jailers will watch over you closely. Alas, it’s all part of life’s bitter lessons and they are coming at you fast. There’s just no denying it’s been tough going for you (soon nudging the 9-month mark of languishing in a 6 by 9), having to grin and bear the injustice of it all in total frustration. But I trust you realize the light is always on at the other end of the tunnel; all you have to do is to reach out and call from the pod’s pay phone that 1-800 number of your home Embassy. Well, you got plenty time, just don’t overthink. My visit is over … I bid you good night and good luck with your decision.


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